Getting More Out of Your Life and Career with Lynn Whitbeck

Getting More Out of Your Life and Career with Lynn Whitbeck

Season 4 – Episode 16: Show Notes

Guest on the Water Cooler Hangout
Lynn Whitbeck

It is not always apparent that a career in sales can be a rewarding pursuit, but it truly can be, especially when you form meaningful relationships with your clients and can help people fix problems they never knew they had!

In today’s episode of The Water Cooler Hangout, we speak with Lynn Whitbeck, Founder, and CEO of Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales.

In our conversation, Lynn shares the story of her first experience with sales when she became obsessed with earning a girl scout badge for selling cookies and why she believes sales is such a rewarding and fulfilling career.

We talk with Lynn about the origin story of her two companies Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales, and how she helps companies take their sales strategy to the next level. We discuss how her company challenges imposter syndrome in their courses and why she is such a big proponent of daily affirmations. Join us today for an inspiring conversation on sales, relationships, and much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest Lynn Whitbeck.
  • Why working in sales is so valuable for learning leadership skills.
  • How the skills involved in sales are necessary for other parts of life, such as navigating relationships or negotiating at work.
  • The sales courses that Lynn offers for salespeople with various levels of experience.
  • How the COVID 19 pandemic has affected the courses her company offers.
  • How Lynn deals with the negative connotations tied to a career in sales.
  • Why a career in sales often leads to leadership positions.
  • The large range of company sizes that Lynn’s company Future Forward Sales has worked with.
  • How Lynn’s training program combats imposter syndrome in men and women.
  • Why Lynn is enthusiastic about affirmations.
  • Examples of the exercises that Lynn uses in her course to combat imposter syndrome.
  • Lynn shares how she first became interested in sales when she sold cookies for the girl scouts.
  • Why a career in sales can be so rewarding when you help clients improve their business.


“If you don’t have a growth mindset in today’s business environment, you’re gonna get left in the dust. So that is so important for business leaders to embrace and to really foster among their team members to push the whole organization forward.” — @LynnMWhitbeck [0:04:50] 

“It’s a career boost. If you have sales training, whether you work a day in sales or not, you are actually selling every day, at home, with your friends or family, at work. You’re selling your idea to the different team members or your boss.” — @LynnMWhitbeck [0:05:37]

“And by the next year, I was the top salesperson. And I never looked back. It was because it answered my own core value of being of service and helping others.” — @LynnMWhitbeck [0:26:09]  

“Working with someone who’s very different is really good for you because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. It forces you to flex your style, and really reconsider someone else’s approach or how they’re tackling something.” — @LynnMWhitbeck [0:03:34]

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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