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Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Pace and Kyeli Smith, the two fantastic women behind The Freak Revolution that I've written about in the past year.

A few weeks ago, I started hearing rumors of something they are working on called, "52 Weeks to Awesome." I was intrigued because I know that whatever they do – they do it with passion, love and a lot of amazing value. So, I did what anyone would do when they hear a rumor. I dropped them a note and said, "Spill the beans!" Happily, they agreed to answer my questions so here is the result of that interview with an explanation of "52 Weeks to Awesome."

Question #1 – You're about to release something called, "52 Weeks to Awesome." At first,  I thought maybe this was a new diet program but it appears to be something way more important and well – awesome. Can you tell me what it is about?

Answer #1 – A diet book, that's funny. Have you looked at either of us lately?  (; That's certainly not our shtick.

"52 Weeks to Awesome" is a year-long self- and life-improvement course. We’ve written down the 52 most important things to make life more awesome – all things we've done in our own self-work and in our own lives. We've broken it down into four categories: Knowing Yourself, Trusting Yourself, Understanding and Being Understood by Others, and Forward Momentum, and each category has multiple missions. You can see the full list on our website here

It's a pretty intense course, but we think it'll be a lot of fun and provide a solid foundation for people to make long-term positive change in their lives.

Question #2 – So, If I understand what you are saying, you're giving people a formula to make an exponential way to have a happier, more productive, and motivated life but in small, easy to digest bites. What makes this course different from others my readers may have seen or read?

Answer #2 – The other things out there seem great when you look at them – or even when you do them – but in our experience, they don't stick. Overwhelming people with gobs of information isn't a way to help them make lasting change – which is why we're stretching this out over the space of an entire year, to give people the chance to digest and really dig their hands into each mission. Our priority with "52 Weeks to Awesome" is to make it simple and easy-to-implement so that the missions will really stick and create more permanent changes. A lot of little changes that are simple to implement add up to some pretty serious major change!

Question #3 – Why you two and why now?

Answer #3 – We put a lot of work into our own lives. We're constantly tweaking and adjusting, communicating and building, and finding new ways to improve ourselves, our relationships, and our lives. We've come a long way in a relatively short amount of time, so we decided to put it all together and put it out there.

As for why now, what better time to kick off a year-long course than the start of a brand-new year?  (:  People are always making and breaking resolutions, and we thought having a recurring, concrete set of missions come to you every week might be just the thing for people to make 2010 – and what a cool year – the best year ever.

Question #4 – If you could tell my readers one thing they should know about this course, what would it be?

Answer #4 – Self-work isn't easy, but we've done all we can to simplify it and put it into bite-sized chunks that you can practice – and hopefully even enjoy – to give yourself a leg up on your journey to becoming even more awesome than you already are!

Question #5 – Lastly, many people are extremely busy, stressed out, working too much and enjoying it less these days – or so it seems. How can you assure us that the value we will receive from the course will be worth our investment of both time and money?

Answer #5 – I think the thing that says the most about how strongly we feel this will help is our guarantee. If you sign up, complete 80% of the missions, and don't feel totally awesome at the end of the course – by your definition of awesome – we'll refund your money 100% and throw in two hours of personal one-on-two coaching with us for free. On top of that, if you take the time to talk to us and share what did and didn't work for you, we'll double your money back.

We really mean it. We really believe this is going to change lives for the better, and we're putting our time and money where our mouths are.  (:

That's an awesome guarantee and I would not have expected anything else from you two. It is my honor to interview you and I wish you the best with "52 Weeks to Awesome."


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