Giant Popcorn and Clients

Whether you run a small business or are a sales rep working for someone else or a partner in a large professional services firm, you can benefit from taking these actions. If you make a habit of doing these kinds of things, you’ll be recession proofing your business.

1. Make a list of your top twenty-five clients and write one handwritten note to each of them. Better yet, write two a day.

2. Let them know you were thinking of them and thank them for their business and friendship and ask them how you can help them.

3. Make sure you know their hobbies and interests and when you see something you think they would find interesting, clip it or copy it and send it in a note.

4. If you travel for business, pick up some postcards, write a note about something you saw or heard on your trip that you thought would interest this particular client and drop it in the mail.

5. Just for fun, send them a giant box of popcorn. They’ll love it and so will their entire office. You can even have the good folks at Giant Popcorn insert a letter from you on your own letterhead – no extra charge.

Contacting customers this way is the difference between interrupting them with SPAM and contacting them about themselves and not you. Seth Godin makes a great point about this very thing in Catchers and Throwers.

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