Gifts That Keep On Giving

I like giving gifts to clients in September. Actually, I like giving them any time but particularly when I know they will be surprised. I mean, after all, don’t you like getting gifts for no reason other than the gift giver wants you to know you are appreciated?

Most marketers make a big mistake by giving gifts only during the holidays and/or often accompanied by a sales message. Here is an idea that will separate your small business from the big boys.

Send your clients and customers – especially the top 20 percent – gifts at random throughout the year and ask for nothing in return. It is a wonderfully simple thing to do yet most companies fail to implement a regular gifting plan.

Include a note (handwritten is best) with the gift that acknowledges how much you appreciate them and you are thanking them with the enclosed gift. Make the message personal. Don’t mention anything about your company or the slightest hint of a sales message.

You’ll be strengthening the relationship. Your client will appreciate your thoughtfulness and they will be more open to your other marketing messages. It’s a great way to both build a business and to maintain it.

September is just around the corner. It’s time to make a list and get shopping.

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