Give Them More

Who sets the value of your products and services? Not you. You set the price but your customer always determines the value.

What do you think would happen if starting today, you began providing better service than you're being paid for? "But, that doesn't make sense." you say. How can I give more than I'm being paid for? Doesn't that fly in the face of good business?

Not if you want to be extraordinary. And, that's what it is going to take for you to be extraordinarily successful under the new rules of marketing.

Zappos understands that. They offer free shipping on their shoes (and now other products) both ways. It takes away the reluctance to buy shoes and clothing online. They did over a billion dollars in sales last year. They have a blog. They built a company on extraordinary service and by offering more than the customer "paid for." Read what their customers say about them here.

People spread the Zappos story to their friends.

What kind of stories are your customers spreading about you?

What if you started today to give them more?

What's stopping you?

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