Going to the Cats


I want to make sure you know I’m going to talk about my cats. I gave the dogs a post a few days ago and readers asked to see the cats. So here they are in all their glory. But, I wanted to put out the alert first as whenever I talk about pets it seems like one or two people unsubscribe. So this is your warning. On the other hand, you might it quite interesting as to what dogs and cats can teach you about life, sales, marketing, leadership and creativity!

Back to the cats. Since it is almost impossible to get all three of them together for one shot, I decided to make this collage.

Bear is the black cat and absolutely fearless. He thinks he is a dog – or whatever he thinks the dogs are. Most of his time is spent with the dogs. He’s actually bigger than both dogs at over 20 pounds. We adopted him from a shelter. Bear loves everyone but he adores Joann.

Toby is the gray cat. We adopted him from our son who adopted him from a shelter but then had to move. Toby thinks he owns me. He has his own office chair and can usually be found on my lap if at all possible – all 16 pounds of him.

Winnie is the only girl in the house other than Joann. She’s extremely shy and gets pushed around some by the male kitties. But, she stands her ground and doesn’t put up with any disrespect. She’s beautiful as you can see and loves to sit in the windows for neighborhood admirers. Also, adopted from a shelter, Winnie is her own cat. She used to love being with me in my office but Toby and her tend to exchange growls if they are both there at the same time. So, she sneaks in when he’s somewhere else in the house.

That’s it for the entire family that lives here. Thanks for letting me introduce them to you.

3 thoughts on “Going to the Cats”

  1. Are they not the cutest??? Not only a marketing lesson, but a lesson in living together, getting along and resolving differences – making it work no matter what the obstacles may be.
    Learn who your neighbor (client) is and what they are about. Learn their likes and dislikes, what they need or want, and then what you can offer (see) to satisfy these wants and needs…

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