Good Vibrations

Ever try typing with one of these things on both your hands? I don't recommend it. In case you're wondering why it has been a little quiet here lately, the photo to the right is the reason.

Carpal tunnel troubles have caught up to me.

I felt this coming on for a couple of weeks and ignored it. So, now I'm paying the price and trying to get back to being able to type at more than 10 words a minute. 

Don't expect to find me wearing them in public. I'd rather be caught wearing a kilt.

We went to a new restaurant Saturday night. Well, it's sort of new. The building it is in has housed at least 4 other restaurants in the past ten years. They all failed. I heard this one was doing well and we agreed to meet friends early so I didn't even think about reservations. That could have been a big mistake but we got lucky.

The parking lot was full when we arrived at 6pm. Luckily someone was just pulling out carrying a doggie bag so I know they ate. I mean how early do these people dine around here? Anyway, it was obvious that the "new" restaurant was a hit.

So, what was different that allowed this place to flourish while 4 other people lost their shirts.


They did a total makeover. The place was remodeled from top to bottom. The food was fresh, excellently prepared, well served and priced extremely low compared to comparable places. And, then there is the thing I can't quite describe. Let's call it a new vibe. The place felt good. People were having fun.

You can't buy a vibe. You have to create it. You can have a bad vibe or a good one. Apple has a good vibe. Microsoft not so good.

The same place, person or product vibe can be 180 degrees different depending upon who is receiving the vibrations. For example, I love New York City's vibe. But, you have to drag me to visit LA. Yet, I have plenty of west coast friends who feel just the opposite and Pittsburgh friends who don't have much good to say about either place.

What kind of vibe are you creating for your company, products and yourself? If you're not tuning your vibe to your type of customers you're missing an opportunity. Trying to have one that appeals to everyone comes off as out-of-tune and off key. It doesn't feel like it was meant for anyone.

Are you clients picking up good vibrations? Are you giving them excitations?

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  1. OW! Sending good, fast, healing vibrations.
    There is speech recognition software called Naturally Speaking that might help while you heal. Talk to your computer and it types.

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