Goodbye Doesn’t Have to Mean Forever

This is a reposting from April with a new posting by Seth Godin.

Are you using email to talk with your customers? Of course, you have their permission. Otherwise, it’s called SPAM. But, do you also give them an easy way to unsubscribe?

People unsubscribe for a lot of reasons – most are probably more emotional than rational.
I get a lot of email for which I never gave permission. Much of it came when an organization I belonged to sold or made their members’ email addresses available. I have been deleting them after I sent them to a SPAM folder. But, I decided over the weekend to see how they deal with someone who unsubscribes.

The worst of the lot had a broken link when you hit unsubscribe. In other words, it didn’t go anywhere. The largest companies told me it would take up to ten days to get me off their lists. It should happen immediately.

One person, who bills himself as one of the nation’s top marketers, says you are instantly removed from the list then automatically redirects you to his web page where you can buy all his “stuff.” He has continued to send me three emails a day every day since – so much for immediate removal.

Do you think because someone requests to be removed from a mailing list that they will never do business with you again – why treat them with disrespect?
Treat your customers and readers like you would want to be treated.

Goodbye doesn't have to mean forever.

Seth Godin makes a similar point in today's post  – "Never's not such a long time."

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