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Google alerts
If you’re not using Google Alert’s you need to be. It’s a free service from Google that will allow you to track all kinds (any kind) of information, news, articles, people, companies, within the Internet. The alerts cover are real time – not historic – as they appear on a page anywhere.

For example, since I do a lot of writing, I want to know who might be reprinting articles of mine in the press. So, I track my name and certain articles. I also track any mention of my blog, website and two trademarked names that I own. Every day Google delivers to me any mention of what I have set to be alerted about to my desktop.

If someone in Korea reprints an article that I wrote, I can drop them a note and thank them and begin developing a relationship. This actually happened.

You could use it to track your competition, keep up on news and developments within your industry, make sure you don’t miss any news about a product or service. Of course, you can also track your company, yourself, whatever you want. It’s all based on your choices and queries. It’s an easy way to find out what people are writing about you and your company.

Signing up and using the service could not be simpler.

Give it a try. Here’s the link again. Google Alerts!

I think you’ll really like the service.

Please let me know either way.

3 thoughts on “Google Alert – Alert!”

  1. Great tip! I already set mine up and I can’t believe the information and news I’m getting.

  2. Thanks for that. I never knew about it so have just signed up. A brilliant blog.
    Any tips for online marketing – I’ve just set up an online shop and finding it slow.

  3. Hi Lorna – First, thank you for the very kind words. I took a look at your site and found it full of beautiful photography and gorgeous things for the home. I will drop you an email to discuss some ideas. The foundation of good marketing or online marketing is the same so perhaps these links might be a start.

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