Google Can Be A Trap


If you make business (or life) decisions based upon research by third parties, it is a very good idea to determine who ultimately paid for the research.

Google can be very seductive when it comes to finding information to back up our own hypothesis or biases. I bet you can find enough results in Google to satisfy two parties that their opposite points of view are both correct. That's why you need to dig deeper and not get caught in the trap of accepting what other people write without finding out their motives.

Someone paid for that research and opinion in either intellectual, emotional or real capital. For example, the United States Food and Drug Administration often relies upon medical research to approve new drugs that is done by esteemed physicians and scientists in private business or at universities. But, it is a fact that these researchers are often funded by the same corporations that will benefit from a particular result. And, the FDA ends up making a decision that could turn out to be wrong because a third-party was paying for and benefiting from the findings.

Don't fall into the same trap. When you're looking for input to back up your decisions take the time to follow the trail and determine whose capital paid for those Google results. And, then ask yourself what they had to gain by what you are reading. Don't be seduced by your initial findings.

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