Great Ideas Disappear

Did you ever have a great idea while you were doing something else? Well, even if it isn’t “great” let’s assume it is one you want to follow up and remember. I have a confession to make. It happens to me too many times when I don’t have something to record it with like a pencil and paper.

I’d even be willing to use a Sharpie® and my hand if that’s all I had with me. And, as many times as I tell myself to keep something near me to write with, I forget.

I have one (and only one) excuse. Often I get what I think are great ideas when I’m doing other things. Does that happen to you too? For example, I’m cooking and really into the moment of cooking and suddenly – WHAM – here comes some idea into my head that has nothing to do with cooking. Do I stop what I’m doing to write it down? No, I tell myself I’ll remember (because it is an extraordinary idea) only to go back to be in the “cooking moment.”

Later on I remember I was supposed to remember an idea but damn if it isn’t gone. I console myself with the thinking that if it really was a good idea it will come back to me. Yeah, right! If you believe that you probably also believe the label that says, “One size fits all.”

So, I’m throwing myself on your mercy. There must be a system that I can carry with me at all times that will allow me to easily record it without leaving the moment.

Tell me, please. What do you do? Maybe it will fit me too!

4 thoughts on “Great Ideas Disappear”

  1. When I get ideas, I use my cell phone to record them. It works well because my phone is usually near me. Most smart phones today have a feature that allows you to record your voice. There are a bazillion apps for the iphone for recording.
    Of course, most of my ideas come when I’m in the shower. What do I do then? I SING the idea to myself. Yep. Singing involves another part of your brain and kind of “sets” the idea in place.

  2. I use a small pad about 3 x 4.5 inches that has a flexible cover. The paper is lined. I date each page and keep ideas, etc per line. Then I cross them off as I do them or they expire. I cut off a corner of a page when it is full. You can easily keep it in a pocket at all times.

  3. I love the singing idea. I’m not sure my wife will agree but I’ve got to try that one. She bought me a small digital recorder for this purpose but I don’t always remember to have it with me.
    Maybe a body implant!

  4. I scribble things in the book I’m reading, on notepads scattered around the house, on receipts, on envelopes. I’m absolutely shameless!
    I discovered the singing thing too, incidentally — sometimes it saves my LIFE! I always wanted something hanging in the shower that I could write on with special crayon, though. Never got around to picking one up!

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