Great Salespeople Are Great Teachers

I have always believed that the greatest salespeople I have known are also great teachers. These are the salespeople who make doing their job look easy. And, they always seem to have the most fun!

I came across this blog posting – Top 5 Qualities of Good Teachers – by a student by the name of Arthus. After reading it, I feel even more strongly that the top salespeople share the same qualities as great teachers.

Arthus says the qualities are:

  1. Passion – Without this, it is impossible to become a great teacher or a great salesperson. Artus says, “Never be afraid to love something and show it.”
  2. Creativity – A great salesperson needs to be able to adapt to what the client needs and wants. And, you need to be a problem solver.
  3. Flexibility – Arthus says, “Realize that learning is not static and you can’t be either.” The sales process is not a rigid set of rules to follow. Too many poor salespeople have read too many bad sales books that use manipulation and “Rules” to follow to be successful. There are no rules – only principles to guide process.
  4. Integrate – Learn to integrate life – yours and your customers – into the selling process. Don’t allow yourself to be so focused on making a sale that you forget to share yourself and your world with your clients.
  5. Connect – You have read it here many times – it is all about the relationship you have with your clients. As Arthus says, “Information can’t be transmitted without a solid connection…”

I think Arthus did a great job in describing the Top 5 Qualities of Teachers. If you’re a salesperson who wants to be one of the best, you might want to spend some time focusing on developing these same five qualities.

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