Guess Who Is Starting A New Business?

Lots of people according to my friends Keith and his wife Cheryl. They own a small print shop. Business has been booming this year and a lot of it is due to new customers who have lost their jobs in the latest corporate downsizing. Or, they have opted out of the big company rat race to have their own business.

Did you know there are lots of new companies that need your help – your products and services? How do you find them? How do they find you?

Are you out speaking to every group of people within your own hive? I wrote about the idea a couple of weeks ago. I’ll put a link at the bottom of the page for you to read. That’s the quickest way to grow.

Do you make a point to get out to local meetings and network? Have you asked your accountant, attorney, plumber, physician, dentist and customers for referrals? Are you reading the local papers to see if they mention new businesses starting up? Are you applying what you read here and on other blogs?Are you asking for permission to stay in touch? Are you providing the people who say “yes” with something of value?

These new business owners need your products and services. My friends Keith and Cheryl opted out of very successful corporate careers a few years ago to start their printing company. They’ve done all of these things and more and that’s how they have grown during tough times.

It’s your turn to grow.

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