Heal the World – One Person At a Time


Do you detect a change in civility? Is it possible that this recession is bringing out the best in people? Everyone I interact with lately just seems to be more civil – nicer. I had to have a plumber here today to fix a water line. And, I also had two delivery men bring a new refrigerator that got hooked up to the water line. All three were just fantastic people.

I've had plumbers, contractors, and delivery people here back when everyone was flush with cash or credit and they didn't seem to have the same demeanor. Oh, most all of them were polite but very few connected as one human being to another.

Or, is it me?

Maybe I'm the one that is living differently. I've always been interested in getting to know people but I've learned to slow down and live in the moment much more the past couple of years. Writing my book, Listen First – Sell Later, made me stop and think a long time about how we all interact and what's really important in life. One of my favorite reviews was from Pace Smith. She said, "This is not just a book about sales or marketing. It's a book about
life and how to live it well." That meant a lot to me because it was exactly what I had in mind as I wrote it.

So, are people actually different because they've weathered this economy? Has less money meant people spending more time with each other and learning that we really do need each other? Is social networking making us more social, opening connections and allowing us to listen first?

I like to think that's what I am experiencing. And, if part of it is happening because I listen better and connect more, then I couldn't be happier.

Heck, let's all give it a try. Just for tomorrow do your best to smile and ask people you meet something about themselves. Then listen to what they tell you. And, be ready to share something about yourself. The next day – rinse and repeat.

You never know. It might just start an entire revolution.

If you would like a free copy of the beautiful illustration above by Martin Whitmore, click here.

6 thoughts on “Heal the World – One Person At a Time”

  1. Wow, awesome!
    I discovered that, when I started smiling and complimenting people, I stopped dealing with rude people. Me? Them? I dunno, but it’s true, it happens. (:

  2. It DOES happen. I think I’ll go sit outside my house and just smile at everyone who goes by. Hopefully, it won’t look like a leer and get me in trouble!

  3. Did you hear about the duck that walked into the drugstore and said “Give me some ChapStick and put it on my bill?”
    You probably have but it never fails to make me smile

  4. I have noticed the same effect. Many times, it seems, hardship brings the best out in people. It gives us an appreciation for the truer, more immaterial values–things like family, our kids, etc.
    Kudos to you for a very insightful article.

  5. Thanks, David. I couldn’t agree more with you about the appreciation for more immaterial values. You know what’s funny and fantastic at the same time. The entire social media networked web world is causing people to value those kinds of things more than ever.

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