Honey Bees and a Trauma Center

Hospitals get a lot of bad press for a variety of things – malpractice, high costs, and sometimes callousness. However, one thing they don’t get credit for is the amazing care they extend to people who have been severely insured.

I happened to visit a trauma unit of a nearby hospital yesterday to see a friend who was injured in a motorcycle accident last week. She had to have surgery on a broken right femur and knee and will be off her feet learning to walk again for a few months. She was lucky in many respects.

My friend had to leave the room just when I got there for testing so I “hung out” and watched the activity around me. Everyone has a job to do and while it looked chaotic and on the edge of being out of control – it was not! It was truly fascinating to watch.

it was actually like watching a hive of bees doing their dance of honey-making while focusing on their own individual job. No one job seemed to be more important in the delivery of patient care and all of the jobs were needed for both the care and the safety of the patient.

I recognized that the delivery of hospital caring and healing are  – highly choreographed processes that are delivered over and over to get the best possible result for the patient.

How are the processes in your company? Are they highly choreographed with everyone having a vital role? Or, are they chaotic and out of control? What would someone from “outside” the company say if they were to observe?

We need to re-evaluate our processes regularly to see if they are still working and creating the best outcome for our clients, customers and patients.

“This is the way we’ve always done that,” may be the wrong way today.

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