How Do Customers Find You?

435964839_016104f3c8How do customers find you? If you were a service company years ago you could place an ad in the Yellow Pages and be pretty sure it would generate enough traffic to pay for the ad. Now there are many Yellow Pages and while some people apparently still use them – it is certainly dwindling.

Today you need to have some of your potential customers’ mind share before they need you. For example, let’s say I’m thinking of building an addition to my home, I have a big client party in mind for later in the year and I’d like to find a good financial adviser. Since none of these things are immediately pressing (I don’t have a roof leaking for example), I have time to find someone to build, cater and advise.

I’d ask people whose judgment I trust for names of companies. Word of mouth is still the number one way of getting new business. So how can word of mouth help your company get that mind share?

• You provide exceptional service and product so people want to talk about you.
• You start today by asking your customers for permission to talk to them on a regular basis and you collect their contact information.
• You start a newsletter that has value in it and gives people a reason to use your services.
• You speak about your company and its services. There are plenty of organizations who are looking for people to speak.
• You make your customers feel special by providing them with a customer loyalty program that has real value (and also provides a reason to stay with you.)
• You make sure that the value of your service or product outweighs the investment in the customers’ eyes.

That’s a start. There are many other things you can and should be doing. What are you doing right now to make sure you are at the top of the list the next time someone asks a friend for the name of a …

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