How Do You Get Their Attention?

How many times a week do you ask yourself, “Where did the time go?” Or, is it a daily question? I know I’m busier than ever and everyone I know is experiencing the same thing.

We’re all very busy. That being the case, how do you get someone’s attention for your company’s products and services? Let’s say you have a brand new widget to sell me. Is the process of buying and owning it going to blow me away and make my life less hectic?

I was walking through my neighborhood last night when I heard a neighbor on his cell phone talking while pacing in his yard. It was a conversation I’ve heard many times. He was explaining to the phone company, cable company or computer hardware company (take your pick) how the company wasn’t holding up their end of the agreement and “If I could log onto my computer I wouldn’t be on the phone for days trying to get the problem solved – it would be solved.”

Do you know what it like is to spend hours dealing with so-called customer service only to have them ask you the same questions over and over again. That is if you can understand the person who is doing the support?

Of course you do! We all do!

That’s why if you create an extraordinary experience – people are going to talk about you. You’ll stand out above almost everyone else. Word-of-mouth and referrals are probably the best way to get someone to buy that widget. But, this is a brand-new widget. Nobody knows about it yet. So, you still have to get my attention first.

How do you start?

I’d start by beginning and building a relationship – a two-way conversation using blogs, social networks, e-Books, e-WhitePapers, podcasting, videos, etc. The two-way feel you get with these tools feels more like a referral than pushing something. It’s pull marketing.

Give it a try.

Now you’ve got a chance of getting our attention.

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