How To Compete With Unlimited Competition

Thirty years ago, I would pose a question to people who were looking for help with their marketing that went like this, “Suppose that your customers and potential customers had unlimited access to the same product or service you are selling from many companies – why should they do business with you?”

Thirty years ago, customers’ choices were limited by geography and availability. That is not the case today. Today your customers really do have unlimited access to the same product or service you are selling. It is all just a few clicks away on the Web.

So what are you doing to differentiate your company, its products, yourself? How do you compete with unlimited competition?

Here are 3 simple (yet difficult) questions to ask yourself. The answers can lead you to developing your Unique Selling Proposition. The answers can mean the difference between extraordinary success and barely getting by.

1. Why should I choose to do business with you versus any and every option available to me?
2. What do you offer no one else can or will?
3. What is your reason for existence in your chosen market besides it’s where you want to be?

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