How to Escape Average

The average person:

  • Writes down their goals but then never looks at them.
  • Meets someone new and then very rarely follows-up with a note or letter.
  • Has good intentions of doing what they say they will do that are soon lost in their memory.
  • Rarely recognizes others for being non-average.
  • Tells themselves they'll spend time on their professional development but then never buys a book, attends a seminar, takes a new course or joins a new discussion group.
  • Never goes to a museum, the opera, fishing, skydiving, or tries to learn hypnosis if they've never done it before.
  • Doesn't make the time to reach out to others.

The busiest, most successful, authentic people I know do all these things – and more.

They are the exceptional – the extraordinary.

You can chose to join them. It really doesn't take that much to escape average these days.

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