How to Get Rid Of Your Office Costs

Twenty-years ago I thought it was important to have an office. Even though I had worked alone for many years, I thought that clients wouldn't take me seriously without an office outside my home. In the early 90's a company that wanted to form a contractual relationship with me and with whom I had worked with for almost a year, wanted to see my office as the final step before signing off. I went along with it at the time but today I wonder if they'd still need to see a "real office."

Two decades have passed and it appears that most companies still think it is necessary to have their employees "come to the office" everyday. Are they fearful that by allowing them to work from home the quality and quantity of the work will decrease? All the studies I've seen over the last 20 years state just the opposite. Not only is the work just as good but the employees are happier.

What are some reasons why you should consider getting rid of the office:

  • Think of the money you'll save on no having to pay for the bricks and mortar building and all its associated costs.
  • The average employee will get an instant pay raise due to not having to pay for transportation.
  • You'll be doing the environment a favor and help break the bonds with petrodictators.
  • You can hire talented people anywhere in the country and you won't have to move them to you.
  • Employees love the flexibility and therefore are happier and more productive.
  • It stops turnover due to spouse/partner issues such as one offered a new job someplace new.
  • You can be more flexible in staffing hours and offer increased service to customers beyond or before your normal working hours.

Can you think of more reasons?

Why shouldn't you consider offering telecommuting?

Let's talk about it "around the water cooler."

The Washington Post's Small Business Blogger answered a question last week about how small business can help reduce traffic. You can read their ideas here.

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