How to Sell to Drivers

As we discussed yesterday, great salespeople know there are four basic personality types: for our purposes we call them the driver, the expressive, the amiable and the analytic. Each type has their own style and way of communicating with the world, but more importantly, with salespeople.

Drivers, for instance, are all business. They want facts, not feelings, options, expect results and concise, precise, and organized information. They expect you to focus on the task, not chitchat about the weather. They make up about 9% of the population.

Don’t waste their time and don’t argue details. They have no fear of social disapproval. Their only concern is getting the job done. They will purposely ruffle feathers. Give them the facts, the options and the “what” details and you’ll make the sale quickly. Ramble aimlessly and they won’t hesitate to show you the door.  Drivers like power, control and respect. They come across as domineering, stubborn, impatient, insensitive and short tempered. Tell them what you can do, and then do it.

How to Spot a Driver

  • Drivers are high achievers, bottom-line, get it done people.
  • Spot drivers by their offices. They usually have lots of certificates, awards, photos, and articles or symbols of their prowess, strength and power on the wall.
  • Drivers tend to multitask, talking on the phone while signing letters, reading email etc.
  • Look for strong or solid colors, usually blacks, ivory or neutral colors.
  • They love prestigious things like a Rolex watch and limited edition fountain pens.
  • And, they love driving powerful cars like Mercedes, BMW, and Bentley.

Tips for Selling to Drivers

  • Always give drivers options. Giving them only one option takes away their control.
  • Be prepared. Drivers test your competency with questions before considering your pitch.
  • Present your facts logically, succinctly and efficiently. Don’t stall.
  • Don’t expect them to do much listening. Drivers feel in control when they’re talking – especially if you can get them to talk about themselves.
  • Show them the big picture and let them be in charge.
  • They want to know what’s going to happen – what the results will be.
  • Offer to take care of all the details. Drivers hate details.

A salesperson who learns to spot and adapt their sales style to each type of personality type will go a long way to making more sales. Take some classes, or read up on the different personality types and find out what your own style is. There are many free online quizzes available. While we all have aspects of every style, one style does dominate. Tomorrow, “The Amiable customer.”

“Personality is to a man what perfume is to a flower.”
~Charles M. Schwab

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Selling To The Four Personality Types

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