How to Sell Toe Surgery and Other Important Things

I just got back from having a bit of surgery on my feet – actually both big toes to be exact. I've lived with ingrown nails on these toes for at least 40 years. I've learned to do my own kitchen surgery over the years and while it is always painful and sometimes causes problems, I've not done anything about having it professionally treated. In my mind, having the surgery outweighed the benefits. So, here am I bandaged up and looking at taking it easy for a couple of
days. No marathons anyway. And, for the time being, very little pain.

I went to see this particular doctor a couple of weeks ago because I
was having some foot pain. I had surgery when I was a kid for a club
foot correction and it left me with two fairly different feet. I started an aggressive walking program a couple of months ago and I was getting pain that didn't want to go away. I figured I might need orthotics to correct the problem. During the exam the doctor noticed the ingrown nails. By the time I left her office, I had scheduled an appointment for the procedure.

This got me to thinking. Why after all these years was I willing to do this? I've seen podiatrists before – usually to fix one of my kitchen surgeries. And, they all wanted me to return to have this exact procedure. The very simple answer might be that a good podiatrist sold me on the benefits. She tipped the scale and gave me enough reasons that I decided the long-term benefits would be worth the short-term investment of my time and discomfort.

Or was it that?

No, I decided it really wasn't all the benefits she told me about. I already knew them and had ignored them for years. Here's what really happened. And, it is the same thing that is happening with people that you want to sell.

I spent about 20 minutes with her during that first visit. And, by the time she got around to asking me about taking care of the nails, I had decided that I liked her and trusted her. We had each other laughing within the first five minutes. When is the last time you left a doctor's office laughing and feeling good inside because of how your doctor made you feel? She made a human connection with me. And, I bet she does the same thing with most of her patients.

People want to buy from you. But, they want to buy from an authentic, credible person who connects with respect and care. It doesn't matter if you're selling toe surgery, software, or bacon.

Establish Trust First – Sell Later.

Respect First – Sell Later.

Listen First – Sell Later.

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