How To Stop From Getting Screwed In Your Small Business

A couple of days ago I wrote a post entitled – Insurance Companies Tell Small Business "You're Too Old and Expensive."

This is really serious and it is happening right now. After reading my post, one of my clients called to tell me his insurance company wants to raise his rates 34%. He is outraged and he should be. Of course, he is looking for a solution that isn't going to suck the profit from his small business so he can pay the insurance companies who are adding on rates like a loan shark charges interest. In fact, the comparison between our venerable banks, insurance companies and loan sharking is becoming more accurate every day.

At least the loan shark tells you he's going to screw you. The immoral and unethical managers who lead our financial services companies just raise your health care and interest rates and say take it or leave it – knowing that too often you have no other choice.

Well, there is another choice but that would require our elected representatives from the Oval Office on down to state and local government to grow some balls and do what they say they were going to do when they got elected and that's represent "we the people." Sadly most of them are so tied to the billions of dollars they receive from banking, insurance, legal, health care and pharmaceutical lobbyists that "we the people" don't stand a chance. 

But, there is one thing we can do. Besides increasing their personal wealth and power there is one other thing that politicians need and want even more. They want to be re-elected. One term is never enough. And, two terms is like being on crack to a bureaucrat. They've got to have more and more!

So here's the only chance you have. Small business makes up over 50% of the Gross Domestic Product. Over 70% of all the businesses in the US are classified as small business. Organized you have an opportunity to say enough is enough to your elected representatives. Organized you represent enough votes to keep them out of office.

There are over 25 Million small businesses in the country. And yet, an organization that calls itself the oldest small business advocacy association only has 150K members. That's not even one percent of the potential. What if an organization formed that really represented small business and was able to get 5% of the potential small businesses to join? That would be 1,250,000. And, what if the members paid $25 a month in dues? You'd have $375,000,000 to run what should be a small organization and to make your views known to the politicians.

You can do the math and see what would happen with modest growth of this organization. And, these 25 Million small businesses represent approximately 60 Million potential votes. In 2008, approximately 122 Million people voted.

That means that small business represents a potential of almost half the voters who voted in one of the most turned-out elections in our history. Do you think that might get someone's attention who wants to get elected and re-elected?

Are you an entrepreneur that knows something about non-profit organizations? Here's an opportunity to lead one of the greatest groups of people in the country. We're ready for someone to lead us. Are you the one?

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