How You Write Makes a Difference

Have you given any thought to your writing? You probably write memos, letters, proposals, maybe advertising copy and, of course, email. Do you take time to make them sound like they were written by a human being? What is it that causes people to write business correspondence like it was produced by an artificial intelligence software program?

I think that too often people are afraid to write like they are having a conversation because they don’t want to appear to be too simple. They believe it is better to use long words and long sentences to appear to be cosmopolitan and well educated. The fact is that writing in a simple style is hard work and requires thought. Using pompous words and jargon for the sake of impressing will leave your readers thinking of you as pompous.

You need to take the time and initiative to be both personal and clear in your writing. Otherwise, you will lose customers and money. Write like you’re talking with your best friend.

Be concise. Be authentic. Be yourself.

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