Humility Doesn’t Mean Doormat

Stay in sales long enough, at least a day or two by my estimation, and you’ll meet some big egos. They’re not hard to miss. You may even be one yourself. Everyone knows how great they’re doing, how much they’re doing and how many sales they’re making. If anyone dared suggest they be a little more humble they’d laugh, or maybe sneer. Humble is often equated with being a doormat. But it’s far from that. Humble is being confident enough to be the King of the Castle, the host of the ball, yet to act like any other guest at the party. When you truly have power, or know where you stand, you don’t have to prove it. Focus on feeding your client’s comfort, understanding and satisfaction hungers first and your ego last. If you do that you’ll find your ego is already well fed by the time you get a chance to satisfy it.

“Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” ~ Anonymous

photo compliments of  Fr. Stephen, MSC

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