I Dare You!

I met a colleague last night for sushi and I realized how much I miss actually having someone to talk with rather than communicating digitally over the computer (and sometimes phone) all day. It was fantastic being able to have discussions about a bunch of wide-ranging subjects with a real person whose face and body language I could see.

For those of us who operate out of our homes it is very easy to settle into a routine that doesn’t give us that kind of human contact. I even “meet” with most of my clients on-line since they are geographically spread all over.

Some people like networking events and clubs. I abhor them. I’d much rather meet one-on-one or with a small group of people with whom I have or am developing a relationship.

Why? One word – Trust! We learn to trust each other and thus we learn to share with and care about each other.

My plan is to have these kinds of meetings with interesting, intelligent, humorous, and compassionate people on a regular face-to-face basis. It enriches my life and I’m guessing if you read this blog regularly you are the type of person who will feel the same way.

By the way, we talk very little “business” during these get-togethers. Instead we talk about life. Because, ultimately, we don’t have a separate business, personal and family life.

We have a life. And, it’s fuller and more worthwhile when you share it with others.

So, get going and set up a face-to-face meeting for next week to talk about life instead of business.

I dare you!

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