I Don’t Know

I don't know. It feels good to say that.

There was a time in my life when I hated saying those words. I thought it was my job to "know" – especially when it came to communicating with customers and clients.

Then one day I decided there was nothing wrong with admitting my ignorance. I couldn't know everything. But, I could find out the answer and when I started taking that tack in life things got a lot simpler for me.

Customers appreciated the fact I was willing to say I didn't know and that I would find out the answer for them. In fact, they appreciated that more than if I had provided all the answers on-the-spot.

Yesterday's post was about the need for authenticity in sales and marketing. Actually, in life. When you use manipulation to deliver your marketing message, you're shooting yourself in the foot. Next time you're at a party ask people what comes to mind when they think of salespeople and marketers. It won't be pretty and it is because too many salespeople and marketers forgot about authenticity and took the low road to short-term gratification.

Don't be one of them. I know it's tempting to buy that email list that you keep getting offered. It won't work. For every one sale you get from spamming you are killing hundreds of other potential sales along with your reputation.

Keep putting your customers first and provide real value to them both in your products and services and in all that you do. You'll be building a long-term business.

I know you know that.

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