I Hate Rejection

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Salespeople hate rejection. Some end up quitting and changing careers because they can't deal with it. People will tell you not to take it personally – that it's just business.

Well, frankly, I always took sales rejection personally. While I know you can't win them all I also knew that in order to meet the standards I set for myself, I had to give as much value as possible to the prospective client. So, when I lost, I took it personally and I made sure I had done everything I possibly could have done to win the business.

I learned from my mistakes. And, I found that learning from other people's mistakes was even better. So, I spent as much time as possible talking to successful salespeople. I made a point of meeting the top people in the country by going to lectures, workshops, and joining associations where I could meet them personally.

If I couldn't meet them or hear them in person, I bought their books and audio recordings. You're darn right I took it personally because I knew I had let someone down who needed my services.

I still don't win them all. And, I still haven't stopped learning. I think they go hand-in-hand.

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