I Hereby Grant You Permission to Grant Permission

Today’s Sunday Doughnut comes from Joel D. Canfield. You know you want to write a book, but do you know why? Success depends on it. Joel D Canfield is a master of finding “why” for authors and other creatives. Last year he wrote and published 6 books in 6 months, because he knows why. If you need a pathfinder to help you get your book out of the someday box, he’s your man.

Joel Canfield
Joel D. Canfield

I Hereby Grant You Permission to Grant Permission

Much of my professional life has been spent helping folks realize that they’re allowed to do stuff. Most of us spend our days coloring inside the lines. Do what’s safe, familiar. Don’t break the rules. Breaking rules is bad.

We develop beliefs over time without being conscious of them. We hear our parents say that if you don’t wash your hands before eating you’ll get hydrophobia. I know of a chap who still believed it as an adult—until his first day in the Navy.

Hey, if Mom said it, it’s true, right?

The powers that be have taught us a lot about what’s allowed. From kindergarten to the working world, we all know it’s safer to color inside the lines.

When I speak to a room full of business folks who’ve dreamt of writing a book and tell them they can it’s as if I told them they could fly if they just flapped hard enough. Their entire professional lives they’ve wanted to write a book, but somewhere in the back fo their mind they knew they needed someone’s permission.

So, I give it to them.

What beliefs are keeping your suspects from becoming prospects? (Prospects, of course, are people who are considering doing business with you. Suspects are folks who should be doing business with you but don’t know it yet.

Suspects will tell you what they’re afraid of if you just listen. Find out what lines they’re afraid to color outside, and give them permission.

Go find someone and help them color outside the lines.

You have my permission.

You can visit Joel at his website.


“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” 
~Groucho Marx



8 thoughts on “I Hereby Grant You Permission to Grant Permission”

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  3. Bob, I had already granted myself permission (that’s not self-abuse, right?) to write a book, but Joel helped me along with some technical permissions to get it up on Amazon. He is an Amazon himself (notwithstanding the gender issue and the breast/arrow thing). Thanks Joel, and thanks Bob!

  4. Ow! Ow! Owieee!
    @Tom ~ “self-abuse” is such an abusive, others-in-control -ist concept that I banished it from my vocabulary ages ago. And sooooo many of our “Oh, I can’t (read: may not) do that (fill in the blank)” scripts are the result of learning that “it’s safer to color inside the lines.”

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