I Kissed a Tomato Today

Right before I sunk my teeth into it this morning, I gave it a kiss. It was a beautiful tomato and I grew it in my back yard. I decided it would make a great breakfast. So, like I did when I was a kid and would sneak into my Grandpa's garden, I ate it just like someone might eat an apple. No cutting. Just biting so that the sweet juices flowed down my chin and the scent of the last 60 summers of my life wafted into my nostrils. I closed my eyes and let my sense of taste and smell be overwhelmed by the one-of-a-kind sensation you get from a fresh-picked, home-grown tomato.

When I was finished eating, I went to wipe off my face. But first, I need to look in the mirror. And, for a moment, I didn't see the face of an almost 60 year old man looking back. For the moment, I saw the skinny, freckled-face, little boy who was lucky enough to grow up where he could pick tomatoes, beans, peppers and corn and eat them straight from the garden. It was a wonderful vision and both the skinny kid and the grown man were smiling so hard their face hurt.

Agriculturists have been trying for years to duplicate the taste and smell of that kind of tomato. And, they still haven't been able to create it. They keep trying because they know that when they are finally successful, they will have one of the best selling agricultural products ever grown.

Can you imagine what it would mean for your business if you could
provide the same kind of experience and satisfaction for your customers
as people get from eating a home grown tomato? Do you keep trying to create an even better product and service?

Do you have the kind of business that makes your customers want to kiss you? Do they smile when they think of you? Do they continue to use your services or products as often as possible because they enjoy the experience so much?

Close your eyes and imagine biting into that home grown tomato as you answer these questions. If tomatoes aren't to your liking then how about a piece of sweet corn right from the stalk dripping with sugar and so delicious it doesn't need cooked. Close your eyes and ask yourself if you're customers feel this way when they buy from you.

That's how we want to feel. I bet you do too. Now do something about it.

2 thoughts on “I Kissed a Tomato Today”

  1. Love this post for so many reasons. As a sustainable food advocate you recieve high marks. For using the extended metaphor of fresh, home-grown vegetables as a healthy business model? Priceless. We should treat our businesses with the care, love and grace that a proud farmer would do naturally. Nicely put, Bob. Thank you!

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