15 thoughts on “I Must Be In The Middle Of A Seinfeld Episode”

  1. Oh my god, that’s ridiculous. I don’t know any Seinfeld episodes but if is like that, it must be really entertaining.
    I can’t believe how ignorant some people are. Do they never ever think about what they are doing? Not even after someone tells them that there’s something wrong?

  2. Thanks, Megan! I believe that takeout is what they prefer. I think they have
    nothing to lose by having all their rules as long as people are willing to
    play by them.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Michael. It was a funny experience if it were not
    also so sad to see that kind of hospitality. I believe they think they are
    running the place perfectly. They believe they are in the food business.
    That’s not the case.

  4. But it’s not only their fault. Obviously there are enough people who accept these rules. That’s why they are keep going. Why do people only talk about the (great) food and not about the (ridiculous) service.
    If I had been there, I’d probably start a restaurant blog.

  5. Amazing what happens when people cling to rules, rather than common sense.
    Several years ago, I tried to eat dinner at a restaurant near Carnegie Hall. They wouldn’t serve or seat me at all. I was by myself and they didn’t want a single diner! So, instead of dinner for one (it wasn’t crowded), they served dinner for nobody.
    I was wondering, is one of the Vietnam restaurants on the south side of the street and the other on the north side?

  6. Well, that is a first. I know restaurants that would put you next to the
    restroom as a single but I’ve never heard of one that wouldn’t seat you!
    Seems illegal to me.
    Despite the fact Philadelphia is laid out in a grid, having spent most of my
    life in Pittsburgh I pay attention to compass points when it comes to
    getting anyplace. If you’ve ever tried to navigate Pittsburgh, you will
    understand why I say that.

  7. Bob–
    That was a great video and I know the place well! Love the food there. Have been there a dozen times, however was not aware of the rules until now. Funny piece.

  8. Bob, You made me laugh and shake my head at the same time! The way you tell the story is part of the enjoyment of hearing it. I have seen enough Seinfeld episodes to agree with your comparison!
    RULES: keeping them and missing the spirit of why they might have been put into place sacrifices hospitality and relationship building in so many environments. Your application of this idea to owning a business is right on. I think your comments also answer the question you asked me on the Hunger post about how we address misuse of power and influence.
    Are they in the restaraunt business to serve excellent food quickly for a profit, or provide a welcoming place where people can relax and enjoy our excellent food while they enjoy each other?
    Are political, economic, religious, academic leaders in business to make the rules and get people to follow them for profit (and their own benefit according to the leaders), or to provide a welcoming environment where people can meet each other’s needs as part of a community that enjoys and respects each other?
    The following web address takes you to a site I discovered last week, after reading your Hunger post, about a community of people who are doing just that. http://www.friendsofjeff.com
    I think the other side of the coin: “there are enough people who accept these rules” tells us why things that make no sense don’t change. It is a 2-sided coin that keeps the whole game spinning. Suzanne

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