If a Cat’s Got Your Tongue – Who Is Selling The Sushi?

What would happen to your sales numbers if suddenly you could not communicate in the language of your customers? For example, your customers only speak Japanese and you only speak English. Do you think you could effectively sell?

Or, what if you suddenly could not hear and had to rely on body language and lip reading. Would you use that as an excuse to quit your job and find a career that didn't require you to speak or hear? That might limit things quite a bit for you.

I'd do what my favorite sushi chefs do when I visit their restaurant. I'd smile aOoka_sushi lot and let customers know by my non-verbal communication that it is great to see them again. Then I'd use my hands and eyes and smile to show them my favorite fish for the day and point at suggestions. That's what these guys were doing for me yesterday when I took their photo. They don't speak English and I don't speak Japanese. Best sushi in PA, by the way.

Sure, they have an English menu but that's too easy. I've been a many restaurants in Asian countries where I was the only person who spoke English. It's a lot more fun to see how you can communicate with just your body language.

My mom has been almost totally deaf for over 30 years and hearing impaired before that. She got one of the very first cochlear implants which helped a good bit – for a while. Now, she relies on lip reading and body language. She's retired now but for 50 years she was in the sales business. And, always at the top of her field. Not bad for someone who could barely hear.

The next time you speak with a customer think about how you are communicating with your eyes, your smile, your posture – your entire body language. What if this was the only way you could communicate? What things would you change? What would you add?

Ask yourself if your non-verbal communication matches your verbal. Practice looking into a mirror. You may be surprised at what you see.

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