If You Like Piña Coladas…

On Valentine’s Day I happened to hear an old song that I think is called The Piña Colada song and it’s been stuck in my head for the past few days. However, it got me thinking about people who like piña colada’s – and those that don’t? I’m not a piña colada fan. I’ve been known to drink a Mai Tai when in Hawaii. But, I find most sweet drinks – well too sweet.

But there must be plenty of people who do like piña colada’s. And, as I thought about that, I started thinking about how people waste their time marketing piña colada’s to people who don’t like them. People who don’t like them know that we don’t like them and it is unlikely that we are going to change our minds. And it’s pretty much wasted time and effort on your part to try to change our minds.

Instead, why don’t you spend that time and money wasted on us and instead become the best piña colada marketer in the world! You can do that by finding and then focusing your marketing efforts on the people who are already predisposed to buy your drink. And, then give them a way to tell all their friends and people who like the same things about the best piña colada in the world – yours!

Apply this idea to whatever it is that you’re marketing and don’t waste your time and money marketing stuff to people who don’t want the stuff. Find people who –

“Like Piña Coladas
Getting caught in the rain
And the feel of the ocean
And the taste of champagne”

I think you’ll be happier with your marketing. And, your customers will be happy you found them.

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