If You Think – You’ll Stink!

The first time I heard the phrase “If you think, you’ll stink” was from the lips of an extraordinary golf instructor in Pittsburgh. Her name is Denise Boeh and she is one of those people who would have been successful at anything she decided to do for a living. She became a LPGA teaching professional and there are a lot of people who are much better golfers as a result.

What the phrase means is that if you start thinking when you are actually on the course playing, you are going to think about what to do instead of doing what you’ve already learned and practiced.

The same thing applies to the process of selling. Too many books and “experts” are happy to supply you with all kinds of techniques to use when you are selling. However, almost all of the sales techniques require you to think when you should be listening and focusing on your client. It’s much better to spend time before meeting with the customer thinking about what questions you need to ask in order to get the information you need to provide the greatest value possible.

When you focus on your client’s needs and ask the right questions, you won’t need to be thinking.

And you won’t stink “on the course.”

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