If You Were Starting Your Business In 3 Months

Kathleen Jaffee commented yesterday, "I'm struggling with how to provide help to folks at this point,
when I'm still in the early planning stages of my business. I don't
have a Web site yet (yeah, there's a page slapped up there, but the
actual launch is going to be in early January), and so I'm not blogging.

I am on twitter, with the goal of networking with the folks I want
to work with and establishing some trust and credibility by being
helpful. But how much value and help can one provide when limited to
twitter's 140 characters? πŸ™‚

Actually, Kathleen, you are in a great position! You have a few months to read other blogs and start getting known in the community that you want to join or lead. You do that by first listening to what people are saying, what are their challenges, how are they successful, and who and where they are. By beginning to become known as a contributor and someone who provides value to the community, you're going to have more and quicker success with your own blog launch. 

By the way, are you incorporating your blog into your website? Starting over, I'd have everything in one place. In fact, that's what you see here soon. You don't have to have your site up before you begin blogging, of course. But, if I were you, I'd listen and comment and spend a few months becoming part of the community.

Same thing goes for Twitter and other social media. Follow people you find interesting and who share your interests. Listen to them. Then slowly engage them in a conversation. Lots of people describe Twitter as a big cocktail party where you walk into the room and gradually engage people. Eventually, you'll want to promote and retweet people where you see value.

Ask questions. Let people know you're starting a blog in January. I'd ask them this one, "If you were starting to blog today, what would you do differently?" Or, "If you were starting your business in 3 months, how would you use social media today."

I can't wait to hear what they tell you. So, now you have to come back here when you get some answers and let us know what they said. Please!

6 thoughts on “If You Were Starting Your Business In 3 Months”

  1. So, if I’m going to be a muse, please imagine me as Salma Hayek rather than Jason Lee. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the tips! It’s good to know I’m already on the right track. And yes, the blog will definitely be front and center on the web site. I’d start the blog now, but I’m going for a well-branded site, and scheduling a launch gives me time to plan my attack for world domination.
    I’ve already been engaging a bit on Twitter, but the one thing I haven’t really done is ask much in the way of questions. I don’t want to be like the annoying kid sister who’s always pestering the big kids for help, you know? But I probably ought to start doing it. No shame in asking for help, right?
    Thanks again – for the post, the link, and making me feel welcome in your little corner of the world. πŸ™‚

  2. Great response and Dogma reference! Don’t worry about asking questions but make sure you make more comments than questions. Plus, once you get to know more people directly you can always ask directly. Did I just write that? You get the point, I’m sure. Thanks for letting me be part of your community.

  3. I’m in a similar situation than Kathleen. It’s been pretty quiet on my Mac-related blog since I couldn’t find the time do a lot of work on that topic which actually is a shame.
    Now I’ve decided to reactivate this blog and maybe start another personal one.
    Your post reminds me that I’m not the only one, which feels great.

  4. Yes, It looks like I’m on track and it feels good. It’s also good to know that other people feel the same.
    I hope my new blog will be up soon. In the meanwhile you can take a look at the blog of a project which I have launched last weekend.
    I’m always happy to receive comments, criticism and hints.
    Take a look at http://picbattle.ch/blog

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