If You’re Not Sold, You Can’t Sell

Cool guy, giving a big wink.

Ever try to buy something from someone who thought what they were selling was junk? There are salesmen who can pull it off, but they’re the ones who give the rest of us that “sleazy, snake-oil, plaid suit, novelty tie” kind of reputation. People instinctively know they’re lying about something and are rarely sold on the item or service in the end.

If you’re not sold on what you’re selling, it’s going to be hard, if not impossible to sell it. If you’re convinced that what you’re offering is the best thing since sliced bread or sprinkles on doughnuts, chances are your customer’s going to be convinced too. Remember, people buy from people they trust. When your conviction about your product shines through, so will your authenticity.

You don’t have to love the product so much you’d have it tattooed on your chest, but you do have to believe that, given the other products like it, yours is the best on the market. If you took the job believing that you can “sell anything” regardless of whether or not you believe in it, you’re not a sales person. You’re a sales manipulator. Great sales people create value, connection and relationship. Great sales manipulators create mistrust, suspicion and resentment.


“It’s so easy to manipulate an audience, but it’s nearly always clear that you are being manipulated. I think even people that are not critically attuned are aware of cynical manipulation.”
~John Boorman

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