Imagine That

Phil is in procurement for a large Fortune 100 company plant. He also enjoys torturing the salespeople who have to call on him since they can’t find a way around him. It’s nothing personal. Well, actually it is as he has always been jealous about how much money salespeople who call on him make compared to him. I know this for a fact because one day he confided that to Marty and me.

Marty was in sales for 3M many years when he was assigned Phil's division as an account. Phil treated him with disdain and rudeness and Marty hated having to see him. But, the account was large and had great potential.

Then one day, Phil mentioned something about spending the weekend “putting in his garden.” Phil didn’t know it but Marty was raised on a farm and he still planted a half acre garden every year. Marty asked Phil if he was talking about a vegetable garden and Phil answered in the affirmative. That’s when Marty casually mentioned that he and his family had done the same thing the past weekend.

Well, then the discussion turned to what do you plant and what’s the best tomato. And, for the first time both men saw each other as people – people who shared a love of something together.

I always think of Phil and Marty around this time of the year as I “put in my garden.” I met both of them almost 35 years ago. They had been friends at that time for over 15 years. I was taking Marty’s place as he was retiring. Phil retired the next year. The first time we all met, both men told me the story I’ve just told you. That’s when Phil told us that he used to be jealous of salespeople – until he met Marty and realized they had more in common than not.

Both men said getting to really know each other changed both of their lives for the better.

Imagine that.

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