Impossible to Fake

Authenticity is pretty much impossible to fake. You might get away with it once. But, if you're not sincere about what you say and do – you'll be unmasked.

I decided to grit my teeth and watch two local TV newscasts last night. This is in the 3rd largest market in the nation. First, local TV news seems to be dominated by commercials for cars and drugs. No surprise there. What I was looking for were the commercials by local companies. And, I'm sorry to say I found them.

The productions were sloppy. A high school audio visual student could do as well. All of the commercials were claims about why I should buy XYZ and none contained a shred of authenticity. What a waste of marketing dollars.

There's nothing wrong with spending money on advertising.

There's something very wrong with spending money on this type of interruption based, insincere, advertising.

Use your advertising budget to put together a marketing campaign that provides useful information to your customers and potential customers. Your dollars will go a lot further. People will be interested in what you're saying because you are providing information they want and need.

Useful information, by the way, is not about you.

It's about your customer.

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