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There's been a lot of talk on blogs and in the media about leadership this past week with the passing of Senator Kennedy. The man certainly seems to fall into the love him or hate him category. There aren't too many people without an opinion of the man and his life.

Here's my opinion. He was a leader. And, we don't have enough of them today. When Senator Kennedy was growing up I'm sure it never occurred to him that by the time he had lived his life that the best and the brightest in our country would do their best to avoid leadership roles.

Where are the leaders who have the ability, charisma, and experience to lead our country? Both government and business have been left rudderless because we've allowed all these areas to be taken over by best of the worst. I'd like to believe they are still here walking among us and that one day soon they will step up to lead us.

Yesterday in Austin, hundreds of people were bilked out of thousands of dollars in a scheme that several people uncovered in time to stop it. Instead they only took care of themselves and left the others to be taken advantage of. Apparently, there were no leaders among those few who discovered the scam?

What's it take to be a leader? Does it require special training? Must you be born into wealth and be given a head start? The real question might be how can you be a leader today and not be assaulted constantly by spurious, vitriolic hate by those who would tear down all leaders? It's part of the reason too many people say "who needs it" when it comes to stepping up and leading.

Life isn't easy for most of us. I suspect that for all his wealth and power it wasn't all that easy for Senator Kennedy. But, at some point in his life he decided to intentionally lead and to say the hell with the haters. And, for that I salute him.

Are you ready to lead? There's a whole world of people looking for someone to bring out the best in them and to give them hope for a better future for everyone. Ted Kennedy was known for his love of singing. He wasn't someone who was going to go down with songs yet to sing.

How about you?

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