Is 60 The New 50?

My friends tell me that 60 years old is the new 50. And, my engineer friend Charlie says that 60 only stands out because our society is base 10. I'm about to find out as I reach that milestone today.

I thought it was the perfect day to launch something new. So, I bought a harmonica and signed up for lessons. I hear that it isn't that easy an instrument to learn to play. But, that seemed like a good challenge for a sixty-year old. Plus, it's bound to keep my lungs in good shape.

My friends, Pace and Kyeli picked this day to launch their Freak Manifesto. There is even a free and extremely cool desktop background you can get there designed by Marty. Megan and Marty also designed the eBook. I heartily recommend that you visit the Freak Manifesto site and read and think about what Pace and Kyeli have to say. Then share it with your friends.

Meanwhile, another friend Seth Godin, has launched a new project called Brands In Public. It is a collection of dashboards for your favorite brands. I've written before about how you can track companies using Google Alerts so you can see what is being written on the web about them. This take that to a whole new level. It compiles and organizes a list of what is being said all around the web even on Twitter and YouTube, for example.


Lastly, I want to give my readers a gift today. If you haven't bought a copy of Listen First – Sell Later yet, here is an incentive to do so now. When you purchase a copy before this Thursday, October 1st and email me a copy of the Amazon or Barnes & Noble receipt, I will send you $15 in Water Cooler Bucks that you can use to purchase any future product or service from me. The book will cost you less than that.

I have several new products in the pipeline including eBooks, eLearning, and a couple of things that are still secret today. You'll be able to use the $15 Water Cooler Bucks for any of them.

And, I don't want to forget those of you who have already bought the book. Email me your receipt (Amazon and B&N will still have it if you don't) and I'll also send you $15 in Water Cooler Bucks!

Have a wonderful day. I'm off to have a sushi birthday lunch!

5 thoughts on “Is 60 The New 50?”

  1. Happy, happy birthday, Bob!! (: *big birthday hugs*
    Thank you for all your help and support. You’re totally awesome and we adore you – and we get to see you in person in about 5 weeks! Yay!
    Also, I’m on your monies. That made my day. (;

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