Is Anybody Listening?

7193106_d854e4418cAs an experiment, I started unsubscribing from email that I don’t want to receive. I used to let it go to my SPAM file and then delete it. But, I was curious to see how many companies actually let me unsubscribe and how easy or difficult they would make it.

It turns out that it runs the gamut from the unsubscribe link doesn’t work to companies that unsubscribe you immediately and also send you an instant email confirming that fact and letting you know they will miss you and welcome you back.

For companies that had broken links or in the cases where I continued to receive emails past the date they said I would be unsubscribed, I wrote personal emails to the customer service departments – again as an experiment. About half of them didn’t reply or the mail bounced back. Most of the ones that did respond did so with abrupt form responses and missed an opportunity to let me know they were listening to me.

Yesterday, I decided to switch accounting software and install Intuit’s ubiquitous QuickBooks 2008. After installation, I wanted to watch the tutorial but every time I clicked on it, I got a message saying I needed Adobe Flash installed. I knew it was installed but I actually uninstalled it and reinstalled – twice. And, both times I got the same error.

I finally found a QuickBooks user forum where I discovered that everybody that has version 2008 was having the exact same problem. Adobe figured out how to fix it which required removing the latest Flash version and installing an older version – even though it is an Intuit problem.

One posting on the Forum jumped out at me. The person said, “Doesn’t anyone at Intuit read their own Forums and listen to their users?” It went on to discuss that this has been a problem for months and Intuit knows about it but has done nothing to fix it. Does anyone at Intuit listen? The people on their Forum don’t think so based on the fact they haven’t fixed an easy bug and it has been months.

I was going to write them an email but when I started looking for the address I found a note from Intuit customer service saying they were extremely busy and might not get to me for a while because of a recent problem caused by a Microsoft Windows update. They hadn’t fixed it yet but they had a workaround.

Seth Godin talks about what happens when you argue with customers when they reach out to talk with you. Just click here to read You’re Right!

2 thoughts on “Is Anybody Listening?”

  1. Good Post….
    Unsubscribing to emails can be pretty frustrating. I get email from a company that must be an affiliate of Wal-Mart. When I try and unsubscibe they ask for my social security number. What’s up with that?
    I don’t think people really care if you unsubscribe. They are going on the premise that there are plenty of other people to take your place. Of course it isn’t that easy to get new subscribers, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone.
    You would think that Intuit would want to keep their customers happy. But I guess you would be wrong.
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  2. I’ve continued to unsubscibe from a bunch of companies that I never subscribed for in the first place. What I am finding is that most of the smaller companies handle it pretty well and don’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. It’s the large companies that are probably running their own email process that are the worst offenders of broken links, busy servers, and forcing you to enter more information.

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