Is It a Website or a Tomato?

Something else occurred to me as I bit into that red, juicy, sweet, right-off-the-vine tomato yesterday. I could see that it was perfect, it felt plump and ripe in my hand, and when I closed my eyes I could smell the garden and memories of similar past experiences. The taste was exquisite. And, you'll have to take my word that I could hear myself slurping up the juice that tried to slide down my chin.

I realized that I had all of my senses engaged in that moment.

That's what you need to do with your customer and prospect interactions. You need to get as many senses as possible engaged in the communication moment. Your website needs to become your Interactive Customer Communications Center (ICCC).

For most of you, the typical website needs to be redesigned. Your blog, customer information, audio clips, videos, white papers, teaching information, your manifesto, and more need to be in one central location that allows you to interact with people. They can choose to listen and watch and hear your story. Or, they can interact if they want to know more. Allow them to share with your followers. It's a communications center – not a control center. You'll need to let go of the reigns from time-to-time.

When you do that. When you allow people to use all their senses to experience your story and to share their own – magic happens. One of the highest forms of communication will happen. You'll be helping people to listen and understand. And, you'll be listening and understanding them.

And, isn't that the real goal of all this technology.

Seth Godin has a great check list in today's blog that your should read before you build that next site.

2 thoughts on “Is It a Website or a Tomato?”

  1. What a great description for the analogy. Love it, I will remembered this when we were redesigning our online shoe store and it made it much more fun. Thank you for your insight. I will remember it every time I do a web page. Great article.

  2. Great looking shoes. However, my mother was in the shoe business all her life – I write about her and that fact in my book – so I have to ask her first about shoes.
    Thank you for the comment and I’ll look forward to shoe store tomatoes.

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