It Can’t Last

Economy Shows Positive Signs – But It May Not Last

This is a headline out of the Associated Press yesterday. I laughed when I read it. Then my head started hurting.

What if we wrote the copy for our businesses this way? We'd have headlines like:

For a chemical company –
Finding Balance Between Man and the Elements – Like Between a Rock and a Hard Spot

For any upscale business gadget –
Promote Yourself to CEO – Because Nobody Else Ever Will

For the latest pharmaceutical
With the Help of Biofydip My Problems Are Solved – Except For the Side-Effects

For a fish finder for sport fishermen
Designed With No Limits and Engineering That Hasn't Been Proven

For a fishing lodge
Catch More and Bigger Fish – If Only You'd Have Been Here Last Month

For a automobile company promoting fleet leasing
It Will Make You the Corporate Hero – Until The Stockholders Get Wind

For a golfing device
See Your Target. Touch Your Target. You Still Can't Break 100.

I read the article about the economy. Here are the reasons for the positive signs:

  • Orders to U.S. factories for big-ticket manufactured goods rose unexpectedly in February
  • New home sales rose unexpectedly 
  • Durable goods rose after six straight declines and posted the strongest one-month gain in 14 months.
  • Demand for machinery, computers and fabricated metal products also rose.

Why then the "but it may not last" part of the headline? Because an economist wrote a note to his clients saying "It cannot possibly last." The AP economist who wrote this article quoted him.

I guess it must be true.

It can't possibly last.

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