It’s All About The Customer!

In my experience, the degree of difficulty in selling large ticket items as compared to small is infinitesimal. Yes, sometimes the sales cycle is longer but small ticket items tend to often be discretionary in nature while large are invariably necessary for the company to purchase.

Why should this matter to you? Well, too often new salespeople, consultants, and other professionals go for the small sale rather that provide a service or product that would serve the customer much better. They do it because they fear rejection and that the customer would be more inclined to spend less money.

This whole paradox has a lot to do with personal self-esteem which takes some work to increase. However, let me give you a shortcut that should help you do a better job for your clients while also putting more profit into your bank account.

Think VALUE! Constantly ask yourself, "How can I provide value for this person or company?" Focus on providing value and stop focusing on the cost, your income, your survival, etc. It's not all about you.

It's all about the customer!

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