It’s My Birthday but I’m Not Crying

Here is a Paleo Diet update. A warning about a very nasty Malware virus that can infect your PC through a LinkedIn email. And, lastly, an offer for free books for you and any sales organizations. To get your free books simply send an email to me at and give me the necessary mailing information. I'll get back to you to verify before we ship.

Thanks and enjoy the video.


4 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday but I’m Not Crying”

  1. That was a great interview with Dr. Cordain on the Paleo Diet. I was up to speed on the diet and have gone one further related to an auto-immune illness that resembles MS.
    I have become almost pain-free by following the diet. During the interview, I learned that the nerves take longer to heal…but it sounds like they DO heal. Very encouraging as I’m attempting to get my life back.
    Kudos on a great interview!

  2. Oh wow! That cake looks good! Actually, Joann brought home my favorite dessert from my favorite bakery. It’s carrot cake which is really in the veggie family so it was okay to eat. Thanks Jodie for thinking of me!

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