It’s Not About You Valley – Continuing Our Sales Journey

It's time to continue on our sales journey. If you've been following along so far we have visited:

  • The Rapport Cafe
  • Big Ears Mountain
  • Back to School

Our next stop is It's Not About You Valley. It's a really beautiful valley and worth visiting. In fact, what I've learned and seen in the valley are things that I like to use all during my sales journey – from beginning to end. One thing I learned early in sales is that people are more likely to believe what other people say about me, my company, my products and services than what I say about them. It's a fact and it is human nature. That's one reason why word of mouth marketing is so powerful.

It really is about the customer, the prospect, the person to whom you are trying to sell your ideas, dreams, products or services. When you talk about yourself (or your stuff) they may listen but they won't put as much credibility into what is said as they will if someone else tells them.

There are a few ways a salesperson can utilize the lessons of It's Not About Your Valley without having to rely on word of mouth. Here are just a few:

  • Use referrals – they are powerful and they also help significantly at The Rapport Cafe.
  • Collect testimonials and put them on your website/blog. Use the person's full name and at least a city and state. If they won't let you use their full name the testimonial is worse than useless. If you only use a first name, the same people you want to believe what you are saying will believe you made them up yourself. Kind of defeats the purpose.
  • I love carrying a little video camera like a FLIP and using it to make a short clip of your happy customers. Get their permission to use it on your website and blog.
  • Write a book, articles, and a blog. They all give you credibility even though you are the person doing the writing because they carry third-party power. I know it sounds strange but it is how it works.
  • When people re-tweet you on Twitter it is another form of validation of what you said.
  • Scan any articles, press releases or news about you, your company and your products and services. Put them on your website where people can see them.
  • If you speak (You do speak, right?) then make sure that you have videos done and use clips on your sites. Also, you often will be speaking with other people at the same event. Some of them may be even more well known than you. Have your photo taken with them and use it on your site.

All these things add credibility to what you say and yet, it's not about you – it's about everyone else. Failure to remember and use the lessons learned traveling through It's Not About You Valley is like tying one arm behind your back when swimming. Sure you can do it but you're not likely to go as far or as fast.

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