It’s Not Too Late

Are you hearing from companies and people you've bought from in the past but haven't heard from in years? I know I am. And, I'm guessing that probably a lot of you are experiencing the same thing.

Yesterday I heard from a company who sent me three different emails in one day. They haven't contacted me in at least a year. And, even stranger is the fact that I asked to be taken off their email list back then because they were spamming me and everyone else who had ever purchased from them.

I got a phone call last week from a contractor I used to do some floor tile installation maybe 4 or 5 years ago. I had mentioned back then I would probably be interested in having some more tile installed the following year.

I never heard from him again and meantime I met someone I liked and they did the job. Now the same guy is calling me to see about additional tile work – three years too late.

You lose your customers for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it's a result of neglect. Other times you were so busy taking care of new business you forgot about the people who helped you grow. All the reasons are unnecessary and stupid.

It's not too late to renew the relationship if you're one of the people who have neglected past clients. Drop them a handwritten note. If they are a business, stop by with bagels or donuts next Monday morning. If your customers are consumers pick up the phone and tell them you're buying pizza for them any night next week and ask what night and time they would like to have it delivered.

And, then deliver it yourself.

It's not too late.

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