It’s Not Your Career – It’s Your Life

IStock_000003159174XSmall My friend Bill joined a Fortune 500 company right out of college – 25 years ago. He's had a long career. However, his skills and area of expertise is the Financial Industry which is still spiraling out of control and taking Bill with them.

He knew it was coming for years but the job paid well, he was usually recognized for his work and over the years he kept getting more responsibility – until one day he didn't. Things had changed and his mentors had moved on to more lucrative positions in other companies.

I wish Bill would have spent more time on building skills and other areas of expertise. He's talented and bright but a workaholic who focused like a good soldier on what he was told to do. Now he's worried about the rest of his life. He can feel the swoosh of the axe as it takes out friends and colleagues.

If he had built other skills like learning how to speak Portuguese, programming in Flash, networked in other industries, volunteered for some non-profits or anything that was outside the paradigm he lived in for 25 years, he would have lots of options today.

Don't be like Bill. It's not your career. It's your life.

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