I’ve Fallen and I Can Get Up

Someone had a sense of humor when they created the slipper and gave it that name. Just think about it for a minute. How many people do you know who have slipped and fallen while wearing slippers? The damn things are dangerous.

I fell down my basement stairs while wearing a pair yesterday. I was taking two bowls full of water to my cats and so I not only fell hard but I ended up soaking wet. And, then when I tried to stand back up the slipper soles were all wet so I fell right back down again.

All I could think of is my wife, Joann, is going to never forgive me if I break my neck on our wedding anniversary which was yesterday. She is Italian-Irish and the mourning and wake would have gone on forever. But, other than feeling like someone took a baseball bat to me, I'm fine today.

But, it made me think about my community – my tribe. If I had been badly injured they would be here for me. I have family, friends and neighbors who I know I could count on if I needed help. They know they can count on me too.

My business tribe feels the same way. There is no doubt in my mind that I can call on people in my business tribe who would also do whatever they could to help me. I've built that kind of relationship and community one day at a time by engaging in networking with them. We took it small steps at a time until we established the kind of trust you need to become a true tribe.

But, I'm worried about you. You still haven't bought into this whole new marketing, social media, tribe building thing. You're talking instead of listening by using the same old advertising, direct mail, once-a-year picnic or golf outing.

You're not listening.

And, your customers and clients are talking. They're way ahead of you and they are talking about you. They're blogging, tweeting, creating websites, and telling the world all about you.

And, you're still running ads in newspapers while your competition is hiring full time bloggers and social media customer service reps. You've got your head stuck in the sand or someplace else.

Or, worse, you created a blog, joined Facebook, got yourself on Twitter and now ALL YOU DO is talk about yourself and your company. You're still not listening. You got a chance to join the conversation and instead of asking questions and listening, you throw out your virtual business cards and think that this is all about you.

It's not! It's about us. And, if you want to be one of us, you've got to earn your membership.

  1. Blog but don't make it all about you. Give! Provide value.
  2. Read other blogs in the community you want to join and comment. Join in the discussion. Be human and not a business dork.
  3. Chris Brogan and Julien Smith in their great new book, "Trust Agents" suggest you promote others 12 times as much as you promote yourself. Do that and you'll be on the right path.

Enjoy building your tribe. It will do wonders for you and your business. Don't lament the changes and the past. It's past. I spent 40 years doing it the other way. And, I can tell you that by listening and being part of this new marketing, I've met wonderful, exciting people who have changed my life and my business for the better. You will too.

So get up off the old way of marketing floor! I want you to succeed. I'll help you do it. Just ask.

And, if you're not the one on the floor, then please send this to someone you know who is. They'll thank you.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen and I Can Get Up”

  1. Someone had a sense of humor when they created the slipper and gave it that name. Just think about it for a minute. How many people do you know who have slipped and fallen while wearing slippers? The damn things are dangerous.
    This was the funniest thing I’d seen all day. You are HILARIOUS!
    And this is a fan-tas-tic post.

  2. OW!!! Glad you’re OK.
    And, it’s true, my first thought (before I got to the bruised but OK part) was “Do you need anything? Can I help?” And, we’ve never met.
    Great post!

  3. Thank you for your message with personal impact. (pun hoped for 😉
    This morning I was copyediting a brochure text and had to look up “slip-up” just to be sure of the notions. Now I get it well.
    Not listening is a slip-up.
    Thank you for listening.

  4. Phew – I’m glad you’re okay. Basement floors = OUCH!
    Great post. I’m struggling with how to provide help to folks at this point, when I’m still in the early planning stages of my business. I don’t have a Web site yet (yeah, there’s a page slapped up there, but the actual launch is going to be in early January), and so I’m not blogging.
    I am on twitter, with the goal of networking with the folks I want to work with and establishing some trust and credibility by being helpful. But how much value and help can one provide when limited to twitter’s 140 characters? 🙂
    Again, really glad you’re okay. And Happy Anniversary!

  5. Thanks for the kind notes. I know I could count on you, Jodi. And, Bernd, I was drinking iced tea when I read your “personal impact” comment. I laughed so hard the tea ended up all over my shirt.
    Kathleen – I’ve got some ideas for you. In fact, let’s make it today’s post. I’ll put it up here for everyone soon.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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