Journey to Big Ears Mountain

When we last saw our intrepid sales travelers they were making sure they had spent enough time at The Rapport Cafe and were about to begin the next leg of their journey – to Big Ears Mountain.

Now you might be visualizing a mountain in the shape of a large ear when you hear the name of our destination. Or, perhaps a land inhabited by a civilization of large eared people. You'd be close with that last guess.

Big Ears Mountain received its name because it is the home of the Big Ear Bunny.  This a species of rabbits known for their oversize and droopy ears. They have been revered for centuries beginning with the ancient Egyptians as you can see in the photo of the bunny carved into an Egyptian temple.

You can recognize them not only by their large ears but by their behavior. Whenever they first come into contact with a human they stand up on their hind legs, raise their ears as high as possible and appear to be listening. It's as if they are carrying on a conversation. Only in their case they do all the listening and communicate back with their eyes and body language. It's quite a pleasing experience if you're used to being talked to instead of listened to.

And, when it comes to my sales map, I have learned that spending most of my time on Big Ears Mountain emulating the big eared bunny is the most important part of the journey. This is where we must listen and keep our mouths shut other than to ask questions that will allow our potential customers to tell us what they need, the problems they want to solve, why they think we might be able to help them, what they've done in the past, what do they want to accomplish – the list goes on and on.

We can't ethically offer a solution or a product to someone until we know if it is the best solution for all these things. To do so would make us guilty of malpractice. We need to ask questions and we need to be like the bunny and listen with our entire being.

Eventually, the potential customer is going to make a decision as to whether to buy what you're selling. They will decide if their investment/cost is equal to or greater than the value they perceive in whatever it is you're selling. And, when that moment comes the only way they will know for sure will be determined by how good a job you did at asking questions and listening.

This is why you need to spend the majority of your sales journey on Big Ears Mountain. It is that important. You need to focus on listening 80% of the time and talking 20% of the time. Do that and you'll separate yourself from 95% of the sales people in the world and both you and your customers will have a wonderful experience.

Next stop on the sales jounrney is back to school – 1st grade to be exact. We're going to relive and relearn Show and Tell. This is the place where we get to show our potential customers that we were listening to them up on Big Ears Mountain. Everyone loves Show and Tell so get ready to have some fun! I'll see you there soon!

Photo courtesy of Keithius

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